The Fight of His Life.  Joe Mullin. IP Law & Business. (May 2009)

Stanford Professor Bob Shafer Settles with ABL in HIV Database Legal Spat; Pursues Patent Reexams. Ben Butkus. GenomeWeb (6/22/09)

Open Access Pioneer Award: Bob Shafer HIV DB Professor Jonathan Eisen, UC Davis. Tree of Life (May 2009)

The Other Dr. No: HIV Researcher Fighting the IP Pirates. Stephen Kinsella, JD. Mises Economics Blog (May 8, 2009)

Patents Endanger Open Access Database. Peter Suber. Open Access News (May 9, 2009)

TechDirt coverage

Letters of Support

European Response to the superficial Science News article written March 2009. The letter was rejected by Science and graciously provided for posting on by its primary authors Maurizio Zazzi, Ricardo Camacho, and Jens Lundgren.
(July 2009)

European Union Resistance Network — EuResist
Francesca Incardona, Thomas Lengauer, Rolf Kaiser, Anders Sonnerborg, Maurizio Zazzi
(May 2009)

Dr. Chris Seebregts
Free State HIV Drug Resistance Project
South Africa Medical Research Council
(April 2009)

Dra. Maria Clara Gianna
Dra. Marta Salomao
Centro de Referencia e Treinamento DST/Aids, Sao Paulo, Brazil
(April 2009)

Professor John Coffin
American Cancer Society Research & Distinguished Professor
(April 2009)

Professor W. Jeffrey Fessel
Emeritus Clinical Professor (UCSF), Director Clinical Research San Francisco Unit, Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program – Northern California
(March 2009)

Professor Gio Wiederhold
Stanford University (CS, IEEE, Medicine)
(April 2008)

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